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Cruz wants end to limits on campaign donations
Unlimited political cash will give rank-and-file conservative activists greater sway in picking their representatives, such as the president, White House hopeful Ted Cruz told Nh voters on Sunday.

Cruz, a first-term senator who represents Texas, said deep-pocketed donors needs to have the identical rights to post giant campaign checks as voters ought to put signs in their front yards. Both, Cruz said, were an illustration of this political speech, and he added that %u201Cmoney absolutely could be speech.%u201D

%u201CIn my opinion everyone here includes a directly to sound off on politics as effectively as you possibly can,%u201D Cruz told a voter who asked him in regards to the role on the super-abundant with politics.

Cruz, making his first vacation to New Hampshire this year, was having a two-day holiday to this early voting state to put the groundwork to have an expected presidential campaign.

Cruz steadfastly insisted he has not been yet a presidential candidate and said he was merely considering it. %u201CI will be considering it very seriously,%u201D he said daily after making a campaign-style vacation to Sc, another early nominating state.

Following your session, one activist gave Cruz a blank cheque and told him to post it for whatever amount he needed.

Cruz, mindful that accepting the check would trigger his official entrance to the Republican primary, declined but told an aide to adhere to track of the person from campaign is official.

%u201CStay tuned for more,%u201D he explained.

Mentioned the outsized role of greenbacks in politics at his first event in Nh in 2010, Cruz said he understands voters%u2019 frustration but that can't trump the constitutional rights to free speech.

%u201CAt this time, the device is crazy,%u201D Cruz said on the campaign finance rules.

At a later appearance at a GOP fundraiser in New Hampshire%u2019s rural Grafton County, Cruz said Democrats were accommodating limit activists%u2019 rights via a proposed constitutional amendment to limit campaign spending.

In the Senate, Cruz has proposed lifting all campaign contribution limits to acquire immediate disclosure.

%u201CThe answer then is to never muzzle citizens. It's to empower citizens,%u201D Cruz said.

Yet Cruz acknowledged that heavy spending had been a headache during his 2012 campaign for Senate. %u201CWithin the Senate campaign, I needed $35 million in nasty attack ads against me,%u201D Cruz said. %u201CSo you know very well what? Rrt had been their constitutional straight away to accomplish that.%u201D
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